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Box Office HoursOpen each night from 6:30pm-10:00pm

Our box office opens at 6:30pm and closes at 10:00pm each night we are open. YOU MUST REDEEM ONLINE TICKETS AT THE FRONT GATE BY 10PM in order to gain entry. NO EXCEPTIONS


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The Trail of Fear Haunted Scream Park (TOF) is a large, mostly outdoor and multi-themed haunted attraction and escape room facility. While haunted attractions and escape rooms are fun, they can pose dangers to visitors. The owners, operators and management therefore require visitors to sign this release.

The Trail of Cheer Christmas Festival (TOC) is a mostly outdoor and multi-themed Christmas attraction. While Christmas Attractions are fun, they can pose dangers to visitors. The owners, operators and management therefore require visitors to sign this release.

Enter at your own risk! Your ticket is a revocable license and may be taken and admission refused. Whether or not you purchased a ticket and are experiencing any of our attractions (such as the Trail of Cheer) you understand that there is an inherent risk involved with attending the Trail of Fear or Trail of Cheer. Ticket holder and/or individuals entering the property assumes all risk and danger as associated with the participation in the Trail of Fear and/or Trail of Cheer. Acceptance of entrance into the Trail of Fear or Trail of Cheer, ticket holder and or individual entering any attraction agrees to release the operator, its parent or other corporations, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and landlord from any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expenses whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly, from attending all attractions at this location. Various types of security are in use and we are watching you.

TOF and TOC reserves the right to shut down one or more attractions, or close the property, and/or postpone any events or shows due to inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstance, or government request or requirement. Upon an interruption of provided services, the first 30-45 minutes will be dedicated to necessary safety evacuations and identification of the cause. Following this initial period, it may require over 90 minutes to determine appropriate corrective action to restore our production of the attraction. Should TOF experience total failure of services for more than 2 hours, or customers are unable to use their ticket due to sickness or injury, we will offer customers another ticket redemption, based on availability, for the face value of their ticket receipt. This offer is good for the remainder of the current operating season or is valid towards a ticket or merchandise value one year from the original purchase date. Customers must present their ticket receipt in order to take advantage of this offer. For any interruption of services causing our attraction’s closure, TOF nor TOC does not provide refunds, rain checks, or price adjustments.


The Owners (the “Owners”) are the owner of Trail of Fear LLC dba as the Trail of Fear Scream Park and Trail of Cheer located at 11101 SE Lee BLVD Lawton, OK 73501, USA (the “Property”). Trail of Fear, or TOF, and trail of Cheer (TOC) are proud to be a contributor to the community, city of Lawton, local nonprofits, fundraisers, and of course, TOF is one of the top best haunted house attractions in Oklahoma. TOF/TOC operates said haunted house attraction, rides and transportation, herein referred to as (“Event”). As mentioned throughout this waiver, the Event deploys drones, strobe lighting, fog machines, startling noises and props, and other special effects designed to startle and disorient visitors. You will encounter un-level ground, ramps and/or stairs, wet floors, gravel, dirt, mud, etc. All patrons must, with or without an accommodation, be able to proceed without obstructing the flow of traffic through the attraction. Patrons obstructing the flow of traffic or in any manner creating a hazard for other patrons, guests or cast members will be asked to step aside and or leave the attraction. In consideration for being permitted to enter the Property and to attend and participate in all aspects of the Event, and intending to be legally bound by this Release under the laws of the county of Comanche County Oklahoma, in addition to local Oklahoma State and Federal Laws, I agree as follows:

Assumption of Risk. I voluntarily assume all risk of loss, damage, or injury (including death) that may result from: (A) the Property and related personal property; and (B) my attendance and participation in the Event, whether occurring before, during, or after entrance to the Event. I assume all risks associated with the Event whether I elect to be touched by the actors, or not.

Notice of Condition. I have been informed that: (A) the Property and all personal property used in or about the Property may be in an unsafe or hazardous condition; (B) the ownership make no representation as to the condition of the Property and related personal property and assume no responsibility therefor; and (C) attendance at and participation in the Event may cause personal injury (including death, bodily harm, and property loss). Further, I understand that the Event may involve significant risks which include, but are not limited to, falling or slipping, impacting objects or being impacted by objects, equipment malfunction, equipment misuse by me, other participants or employees, natural, mechanical and environmental conditions and risks, any of which may independently, or in combination with the participant’s action, cause serious personal injury, death or property damage to the participant or others.

Release and Indemnification. For myself and for my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, I waive, release, and forever discharge the Owners, management, and its successors, assigns, officers, boards, employees, agents, commissions, and representatives (acting officially or otherwise) and TOF/TOC and its successors, assigns, representatives, directors, officers, agents, contractors, employees, attorneys, sponsors, advertisers, and volunteers (each an “TOF/TOC Indemnified Party”), from and against any losses, costs (including, but not limited to, counsel fees and litigation costs), claims, suits, actions, damages, liabilities, and expenses, of every kind and nature, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, (collectively “Claims”) arising out of or by reason of any activities relating to the Property and related personal property or my attendance at and participation in the Event including, without limitation, any illness or injury (including death), even if any such Claim is caused in whole or in part by a TOF/TOC Indemnified Party. I further agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless a TOF/TOC Indemnified Party from and against any Claims by third parties arising out of my presence on the Property or my attendance at and participation in the Event. I acknowledge that my information may be shared with law enforcement, if required. I understand that any injury must be reported to the event staff/security at the main entrance ticket booth, prior to vacating the Property.

Photographs and any other Media. I authorize the ownership and TOF/TOC and their respective successors and assigns, to photograph, audiotape, videotape, or otherwise record me as an attendant at or participant in the Event and grant the right to TOF and their respective successors and assigns, to use such photographs, audiotapes, drone footage, films, tapes, or other recordings, including reproductions thereof or likenesses based thereon, with or without my name or with a fictitious name, in any legal manner, in all means or media now known or later invented, and the right to copyright same. I waive all right of inspection and approval and release each TOF/TOC Indemnified Party from all liability arising out of the exercise of these rights. I understand that I may be recorded on Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV).

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